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    Technology is always evolving. First Biometrics has created the first all-in-one smart card with chip technology and biometric fingerprinting integration to stay ahead of the curve.

Secure Biometric Technology

First Biometric Technology Changing the Future

First Biometrics has created the first biometric smart card with chip technology and biometric fingerprinting integration to decrease the amount of compromised personal information and increase performance abilities. This all-in-one smart card securely stores financial, identification, and access card information.

Main Features

All-in-One Smart Card with Biometric Chip Technology


ID verification and access control


ID verification and age control


Storage of digital money for a better customer experience

Digital Identity

Strong authentication for online identification

Cold Storage

Crypto currencies storage

Transactional Control

EBT tractions are more secure by use of biometric technology

Advanced Security for your Data

Staying Ahead of the Curve with First Biometrics

Since the introduction of the credit card in the 1950s, card technology has been a life-changing application that has played a significant role in many industries. This revolutionary invention created a new way to store important personal information and flow from one source to another.

Over time, financial, identification, and key cards have progressed with the exponentially growing technology. Unfortunately, security breaches of personal and confidential information also evolve, calling for a new way to protect our users with smart cards.

Smart cards with chip technology decrease the amount of compromised personal information and increase performance abilities. They can take many shapes and forms across financial, government, corporate, transportation, healthcare, and hospitality industries, but all serve the same purpose – protecting your personal information. First Biometrics has created the first smart card with chip technology and biometric fingerprinting integration that can be paired with multiple types of point of service systems, allowing for endless possibilities.

One Card
Endless Opportunities

See how First Biometrics has already made an impact in a variety of community industries. How can chip technology and biometric fingerprint improve your community?

Community Industries

First Biometrics has changed the industries of finance, government, corporations, transportation, healthcare, and hospitality.


The most familiar of smart cards, the retail industry has utilized credit cards worldwide since the 1950s. Since then, debit and credit cards have improved shopping experiences for customers, shop owners, and large retail companies.


From classified to personal information, the government sets an extremely high standard of protecting information. Smart card technology has played a key role in confidentiality, and First Biometric strives to further improve the technology.


Corporations serve as holding places for personal information for their employees and customers. It is the corporation’s responsibility to protect sensitive information and First Biometrics will creates another layer of security.


When moving people from one place to another, security is important, especially during an age when public places seem to be in danger of devastating events. Traditional tickets and ID cards are heavily relied upon, and due for an upgrade to new technology.


First Biometric card technology is already being utilized to create the highest security in healthcare. This field is responsible for a large amount of personal health records, files and other information that contain social security numbers and payment information.


From hotel key cards for accessing rooms, to casino cards that customers can load and play, smart cards have improved the ease of going on vacations. First Biometrics can combine these functions to eliminate the need to carry multiple cards or physical currency.

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