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Cameras designed to detect people with elevated body temperatures and will sound off to notify you if they are detected

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The problem:
  • The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has no end in sight, and detecting who carries it is extremely difficult
  • In addition to SARS-CoV-2, 28 out of 39 infectious diseases cause fever as an early stage symptom
    • This includes the Flu, Measles, Ebola, SARS, and Cholera
  • Essential businesses remain open, potentially exposing both employees and customers to the virus

Our Solution:

  • FB360-TCSV3
    • A real time network based body temperature measurement camera


  • Contact-free temperature measurement
    • Can read the temperature of up to 30 people simultaneously
    • Accuracy of +/- .3° C
    • Response time ≤30ms
  • Turnkey installation and integration
    • Keeps your customers and employees safe

How it works

  • Identifies individuals with elevated skin temperature and issues a warning, recording their face, temperature, and time of entry
  • Uses facial detection to ensure an accurate body temperature measurement
  • A portable Black Box helps ensure that temperature readings are accurate


Key Features

  • On-board temp-detection algorithm
  • One IP address two channels
  • Effective pixels 400×300
  • Sensitivity ≤40mK
  • Accuracy ±0.3°C
  • Body temperature measurement up to 30 Targets
  • Response Time ≤30ms
  • 17 color control

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