Crypto Hardware Wallet

Biometric Secured Crypto Hard Wallet

First Biometrics answer to the cryptocurrency markets need for cold wallets with an added layer of biometric security.

Secure Storage

Coin, password, and digital key hardware storage.



Supports up to 30+ cryptocurrencies.

Save & Recovery

Store everything crypto & back it up.

Secure Storage

Hardware Wallet with Biometric ID Card

The First Biometrics Crypto Hardware Wallet is your all-in-one solution designed to be the vault for all your digital assets. Store and encrypt the top 30+ coins and keep all your passwords and digital keys in a secure location.


Storage of up to 30+ Coins

Our hardware wallet can manage and store over 30 cryptocurrencies including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. This allows you to store and manage multiple coins with the use of one hardware wallet.

Safe & Recovery

Hardware Safe with Biometric Recovery

Use our hardware wallet as your coin safe, password storage, and digital key holder with peace of mind. If something happens to your hard wallet you will have a secondary biometric card to be used in the backup and recovery process.

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