Ritu Favre career as NEXT Biometrics CEO has been marked by a combination of accelerating change and persistent continuity, as she nears one year in charge of the company in February, 2018. The company has made a series of announcements, introducing new executives, products, and partnerships. It has also pursued two markets, government ID and biometric smartcards, which follow longer time cycles, paving the way for future revenues. NEXT has carried out these projects as it pivots from a technology development company with two main customers, to a product development focus, with the goal of serving many customers in different market segments, Favre told Biometric Update in an exclusive interview. The common theme of these various projects is scale, she explains. “It’s been all about scaling revenues, scaling volumes, scaling the markets. Everything about my existence in this company has been in

NEXT Biometrics ISO-compliant, large flexible fingerprint sensor will be used in a new payment and identity card from First Biometrics. In a statement announcing the deal, Charles Gomez, CEO of First Biometrics, explained that while the smartcard is suited for a range of industries, they will initially focus on the hotel and casino industry where “multi-level authentication and client protection is of utmost importance”. NEXT CEO Ritu Favre added, “With proven manufacture-ability, reliability and security, NEXT’s sensor is a perfect solution in this smartcard application and a vital component for First Biometrics.” In an interview with Biometric Update earlier this year, Favre discussed how having achieved the production capacity in partnership with Innolux, NEXT is ready to play a central role in the biometric smartcard market.